Waste of time (escape)
I wish you knew all I will tell you now. I never thought I could love someone who does not even know of my existence. I never thought I would be able to wish all good things for a person who does not even know me. I never thought I could love you that way. But I love, and that love makes me a better person, you make me better. Are 21 years you are here with us 21 years and that God put on earth a wonderful human being with incredible heart, Time may pass, but not my love. My god, how I wish you knew that. I wish I could hug you all day, wish I could tell you how special you are . And thank you, thank you for continuing to be the reason I smile. Well, thank you for being you. And even if you do not know that I wanted you to know you make a difference in my life. And even though the chances of you reading this is null I wish you happy birthday. Happy birthday my love, you deserve all the best today and always. Thank you for everything you’ve done and still doing for me. And even if you’re not reading it or seeing please remember: I love you, and I will love you forever. #niallhoran @niallhoran #happybirthdayniall

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